text 7 Nov What to wear in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very casual place. You can pretty much wear anything you want without anyone really caring.

Las Vegas Weather: Check the weather in advance of your trip and pack what feels comfortable to you.

Comfortable pair of shoes: If you plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip or visit other casinos, wear a very comfortable pair of shoes. The casinos look close together but once you start walking you will soon realize how far apart they are. If you are a woman wear something comfy and good walking shoes so you can walk around. If you are planning to stay in your shoes all day, make sure they are relatively comfortable.

Las Vegas Summer: Vegas is excruciatingly hot in the summer. And forget all that talk about “its a dry heat” 110 degrees is hot no matter how dry it is. Wearing shorts during the summer is a must especially if you are planning being outside. In summer it goes without saying, shorts and Tee shirts are what is appropriate. In mid-summer, temperatures can reach up to 100+ in the shade! So bring breezy and light-colored clothing and plenty of H2O. That said, the heat here is a dry heat, so goes the cliche. On more thing, remember, no matter the temperature outside the casino temperature will be somewhere around 68 degrees, it can get a little cool.

Las Vegas Sunscreen: If you decide to walk make sure you wear sunscreen. If you sit by the pool, wear sunscreen. If you think about the sun, wear sunscreen! I might be exaggerating but the last thing you need is to burn that top layer of epidermis and be stuck in your room while on holiday. Protect yourself from the Southern Nevada sun with a simple layer of SPF 30 and you will be fine.

Las Vegas Winter: Las Vegas is in the desert. And, yes, the temperature gets to be about 115 degrees in the summer. But if you happen to be visiting in the winter (usually from Halloween to Valentine’s Day), don’t be fooled. A jacket is definitely recommended, especially if the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, the casino will be a constant temperature so you will have to shed some layers while sitting at that blackjack table.

Las Vegas Ski: Don’t forget glasses or goggles, sunscreen and lip balm, which all are important to use at high altitude. Multiple layers of clothing are best because layers can be added and removed in order to better regulate your body temperature.

Las Vegas Fall/Spring: In Fall and Spring you will generally be comfortable with the summer attire, a few pairs of trousers or jeans and long sleve shirts. The temperatures get comfortable and the climate is pleasant. It is kind of cool then.

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code: All of the people at the clubs are dressed to be noticed, and have a look at me attitude. Obviously in a town where appearance is ‘almost’ everything, the better you look, the faster you will get in some of the most fashionable clubs on the planet. You don’t want to even try to get in the clubs here unless you are dressed properly. It isn’t worth getting all the way to the door, and then getting turned back because your shoes don’t fit the dress code. Most all Nightclubs and Lounges have dress codes and they are usually pretty strict about it. So as a rule of thumb, no shorts, no sandals or flip-flops, wear a collared shirt, Also a lot of clubs do not allow sneakers so to be safe I would leave them in the hotel room.

Nightclub VIP Tip: If you go to a Las Vegas nightclub and see someone wearing a hat, tank top, or questionable shoes; you need to keep in mind that they probably knew someone at the door. If you get rejected in line for some reason, just go and change. Don’t start arguing about what you’ve seen walk in, you will just get 86’d.

Las Vegas Casino Attire: Jeans and Shorts are very acceptable inside a casino as long as you present yourself well and are clean.

Las Vegas Fine Dining: Remember that if you plan to go to a nice dinner, restaurants may have dress codes, such as no tennis shoes, no jeans, or dresses / dress pants required for ladies. Be sure to check or just bring a semi-formal outfit just in case.

Las Vegas Shows: During a daytime show feel free to dress comfortably, shorts are ok. But if you are going to see a higher-end show you will want to dress up or run the risk of feeling a little underdressed.

Las Vegas Woman: Vegas everything is sexy … so sexy and confy! Many women choose to dress like J-Lo at the Oscars with their low cut or bust enhancing get-ups, especially in the summer. Other women wear tennis shoes and fanny packs. If you don’t have any hip clothes and you want to dress up sassy, there are plenty of boutiques that sell them in Vegas.

Las Vegas Man: Men vary as much as women in the fashion department.Some men look like minivan driving, soccer dads from the Midwest, while others look straight out of a fashion magazine. We’ve seen it all.

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Avoid people with gold teeth who want to play cards.
— George Carlin
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Carmen Electra served as host of the Halloween party at ROK nightclub at New York-New York on Friday. (via norm)

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